Artist Statement


My work explores the cultural implications raised by the algorithmic creation of knowledge and meaning. I blend art production, interaction design, and computer science research to question the appropriate application of artificial intelligence (AI) and its related technologies to society. My process joins performance, language, gameplay, and installation with embodied interaction, physical interfaces, and sensor networks to create works firmly situated at the intersections of computer science, design, and the fine arts.

While often critical of the inappropriate application of AI, I am also struck by its beauty and elegance. My work exposes the sense of wonder inherent in the creation of intelligent machines, something I call the AI Aesthetic. Often, this pursuit pushes technological and artistic boundaries, demanding innovation created in transdisciplinary collaborative efforts. I eagerly work with experts in fields as diverse as the media arts, engineering, architecture, computer science, biology, and, in my current work, paremiology, theater, and dance. When collaborating, it is important to me that my collaborators are involved and invested in the aesthetics of the project even when art and designer outside their normal purview.

In pursuit of the AI aesthetic, I strive to harness the power of this emerging medium, with work that allows for visceral appreciation both with and without technical understanding. My work articulates the expressive potential of artificial intelligence as an emerging cultural form.

Eitan Mendelowitz