The Blogger Project, 2006

media design with Jeff Burke, Vanessa Holtgrewe, Jonathan Snipes, Sheila Starace, and others

The Blogger Project is an experimental theater production written and directed by Tony award winner Mel Shapiro. The Project's visual design arose from a unique collaboration among artists and engineers from UCLA's Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance (REMAP).

Prompted by the show's material and game-like concept, REMAP researchers explored how the power of a modern game engine, the Unreal Engine, might be harnessed to create a uniquely fluid world of media for a live event. For its three brief months of pre-production, this effort brought together a team of students and alumni from computer science, theater, animation, cinematography, and architecture.

Software was developed to enable playback of the video footage within the 3D world and allow the game engine's perspective, movement and media to be controlled remotely in real-time by an operator watching the production.

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